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Principal Investigator

Kimberly Mulligan, PhD

Kimberly Mulligan earned her BS in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from the University of California, San Diego. She was a graduate student in the laboratory of Roel Nusse, PhD at Stanford University where she studied mechanisms of Wnt signaling during development. As a post-doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Benjamin Cheyette, MD, PhD at the University of California, San Francisco she studied the role of Wnt signaling in neurodevelopment and neuropsychiatric disorders. She is originally from Sacramento, and is excited to have the opportunity to serve her hometown community through teaching and research.

Current Students

Lydia Bullo

Ricky Cantua Pina (MA student)

Zyla Castañon

Sureena Deol

Belle Galesman

Zainab Ghani

Mehak Gill

Ramandeep Kaur

Carson Marsh

Mohammad Zubair Mayhar

Dustin Rowland (MS Student)

Jermel Taylor

Joseph Yull (MS Student)

Zarina Zaki

Lab Alumni

Hazem Affas (in med school)

Seham Aldafari

Adam Alfareh

Nasma Al miqbil

Vanessa Alvarez (in MS program)

Takhmina Amin-Rahbar

Judith Anderson (in PhD program at UCD)

Any Ardon-Castro (in a post-bac


Erika Ashley (working as a lab


Ester Avetisyan (working as a

lab technician)

Ryah Baroudi (finishing her BS)

Raina Brown (just graduated!)

Joyce Casiquin (just graduated!)

Alex Ceballos (in a master of business


Daniel Chu

Rafael Corona (in med school)

Kaitlin Danziger (master's program at USC)

Alexandra Davis

Jarred Dela Cruz (applying to grad school)

Cori Dewri

Andy Dinh (just got in to dental school!)

To Hien Doan (applying to nursing school)

Loren Dobson (working as a research associate)

Salma Eliessy (working as a research associate)

Raina Endo (finishing her BS)

Jomari Gabriel (applying to research positions)

Kristina Ghenta (in dental school)

Rana Ghobashy (in MS program)

Karandeep Ghuman (applying to dental school)

Zaed Hindi (applying to med school)

Nivene Hojeij (in med school)

Semaj Hornbuckle (finishing his BS)

Alain Hu (in dental school)

Alica Hyllen (just graduated from grad school!)

Kirill Iakounitchev (applying to med school)

Ishmeal Ivory-Ford (working as a Project Manager)

Ajay Kumar (applying to grad programs)

Heather Larson (in biotech)

Kathryn Leodones (in grad school)

Alison Lewis (finishing her BS)

Ashlie Lopez (applying to med school)

Allicia Lucich (in dental school)

Rachel Luke

Steven Luong (applying to PA school)

Zulfiya Mahmood (working as a CLS)

Anthony Mangino (working for the State)

Roy Mashburn (just graduated!)

Taylor Moore (in MS program)

Lillian Murphy (in PhD program at UC Berkeley)

Jonathan Newman (in medical school)

Kimberly Nguyen (in PhD program at UC Berkeley)

Darren Nguyen (working as a lab technician)

Uyen Nguyen (working as an Adjunct Lecturer)

Angelo Niosi (in biotech)

Kevin Nzenkue (junior specialist at UC Davis)

Jamie Overton (working as a research associate at UC Davis)

Aliyah Penn (in PhD program at Johns Hopkins University)

Yomira Polacios (applying to graduate programs)

Kaitlin Rausch

Bailey Rowe (in a masters program)

Aurwinder Sangha (applying to MS program)

Shelley Sauter

Yen Sen (applying to dental school)

Harjinder Sidhu (now in med school)

Jacqueline Stein

Abuzar Tanveer (in Postbac program)

Brendan Tinsley (Research Associate in a Biotech Company)

Christian Torres (just graduated from grad school)

Auria Torshizi (applying to med school)

Chau Tran

Mikayla Triplehorn (nurse)

Angelina Tupikova (in biotech)

Brandon [Trafton] Stryder (graduated from med school!)

Chloe Welch (in PhD program at UCSD)

Erin Widman (in biotech)

Jocelyn Witherspoon

Carmen Wong (in pharmacy school)

Henry Vo (in PhD program at UT Austin)

Yelena Yuldasheva

Mulligan Lab Photo (Summer 2016) Top Row (Left to Right): Christian Torres, Allicia Lucich, Kimberly Nguyen, Lilly Murphy, Brandon Trafton. Botton Row (Left to Right): Zulfiya Mahmood, Zaed Hindi, Kimberly Mulligan, Loren Dobson, Kristina Ghenta, Harjinder Sidhu

CSUS NSM Research Symposium,

Fall 2016

Left to Right: Karandeep Ghuman, Kimberly Mulligan, Rafael Corona, Ashlie Lopez

Mulligan Lab Photo (Fall 2016) Top Row (Left to Right): Rafael Corona, Zaed Hindi, Karandeep Ghuman. Middle Row (Left to Right): Brandon Trafton, Kimberly Mulligan, Christian Torres, Kristina Ghenta. Botton Row (Left to Right): Allicia Lucich, Ashlie Lopez, To Hien Doan, Lillian Murphy


Mulligan Lab Photo (Summer 2018). Top Row (Left to Right): Alex Ceballos, Brendan Tinsley, Alain Hu, Aliyah Penn, Kirill Iakounitchev. Middle Row (Left to Right): Chloe Welch, Yomira Polacios, Raina Brown, Any Ardon-Castro, Angelina Tupikova, Lillian Murphy, Ryah Baroudi, Kristina Ghenta.  Bottom Row (Left to Right): Daniel Chu, KC Leodones, Kimberly Mulligan, Uyen Nguyen, Kimberly Nguyen


California State University Program for Education and Biotechnology Research (CSUPERB) Annual Research Symposium (2019). (Left to right) Lillian Murphy, Kaitlin Danziger, Uyen Nguyen, Kimberly Mulligan, Brendan Tinsley, and Chloe Welch

Mulligan Lab Photo (Summer 2021). Top Row (Left to Right): Aliyah Penn, Kevin Nzenkue, Erin Widman, Erin Widman, Nivene Hojeij, Rana Ghobashy, Jonathan Newman. Bottom Row: Yelena Yuldasheva, Angelina Tupikova, Anthony Mangino, Kimberly Mulligan, Chloe Welch, Angelo Niosi

Lab Photo_Summer 2021 copy.jpg

Left to Right: Kristina Ghenta, Christian Torres, Kimberly Mulligan, To Hien Do, Allicia Lucich

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